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Stakeholders from the Rmel River Basin Participate in Water Management

Tuesday, 15 July 2014 Posted in BeWater News, News, Rmel Society, Tunisia

Rmel 3هذا المقال باللغة العربية

The Rmel River Basin stakeholder meeting was held on 24 June, 2014 in the governorate of Zaghouan. The timing of the workshop was strategic, coinciding as it did with the emergence of democratic rules within the water resource community in the region.

The National Research Institute for Rural Engineering Water and Forestry (INRGREF) hosted the event which gathered around 30 participants, dealing directly or indirectly with the water. The participants included farmers, water user associations, official representatives, educators, environmental NGO's, members of the tourism and industry sectors and agricultural unions.

Stakeholders from Pedieos River Basin Join the Debate

Friday, 04 July 2014 Posted in BeWater News, News

αυτό το άρθρο στα ελληνικά

Cyrus stakeholderResearch conducted by The Cyprus Institute indicates that in the near future Cyprus will experience more drought years, more extreme rainfall events and more days with temperatures above 35 ⁰C.

The first BeWater Project workshop at The Cyprus Institute gathered environmentalists, community leaders, town planners as well as businesses and officials from water, agriculture and environmental sectors. Together they identified the key challenges for the future of water management in the Pedieos River Basin in Cyprus.

World Water Week 2014

Thursday, 03 July 2014 Posted in Events, BeWater News, News

WWW 250 2World Water Week, hosted and organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), will take place in Stockholm, Sweden from 31 August - 5 September, 2014.

Taller de Stakeholders a La Tordera

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 Posted in Tordera Society, Spain , BeWater News, News

This article in English

IMGP1414El projecte BeWater va engegar la seva primera sèrie de tallers el passat 28 de maig a la Tordera. El CREAF, responsable d'aquest cas d'estudi, juntament amb altres socis del projecte, es va reunir amb actors locals claus per tal de presentar-los el projecte, recollir les perspectives locals en relació a l'estat de la conca i discutir els possibles impactes del canvi global.

La sessió va començar amb la presentació del CREAF de les seves investigacions amb relació als escenaris futurs de canvi global i els seus impactes, que indiquen que hi haurà una reducció de cabals disponibles per a diferents usos i per a funcions ambientals, un increment de temperatura, un seguit de canvis de les condicions climàtiques i dels efectes que tot això pot tenir en sectors claus com ara l'agricultura.

BeWater at World Water Week 2014

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 Posted in BeWater News, News

WWW 2014 2 BeWater partner Corporation Blue has been invited to present their Water and Energy Policy Review results and the BeWater Project at the 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm.

World Water Week is one of the largest annual water events in the world and combines ministers, researchers, private sector, NGOs, donors and other International Organisations who present their work on a specific annual theme. It also includes large selections of high level panel events, workshops and side events where much discussion and exchange takes place with participants from developed countries and developing partner countries.

Final Stakeholder Workshop in Pedieos River Basin

Monday, 30 June 2014 Posted in Events, BeWater News, News, Pedieos Society, Cyprus

DSC06607 tamassos dam feb2013The final Stakeholder Workshop in Pedieos River Basin, Cyrus

2 July, 2014
Pedieos, Cyprus

The final BeWater stakeholder meeting will take place in Pedieos, Cyprus.  The meeting will bring together Consortium partners and key local stakeholders continuing the stakeholder interaction meetings at local level.



BeWater Presentation and Side Events at Green Week 2014

Thursday, 26 June 2014 Posted in BeWater News, News

BeWATERBRUSSELS3Green Week 2014, the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, took place in Brussels from 3-5 June, 2014. This year the focus was on Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency & Waste.

Within the framework of Green Week 2014, BeWater project partners Europe for Business Ltd presented the objectives and approaches of the ongoing BeWater Project – Society Adapting to Global Change.

La Tordera Stakeholder Workshop Report

Monday, 23 June 2014 Posted in BeWater News, News

Aquest article en català

IMGP1414The BeWater project launched its first series of meetings on 28 May in La Tordera, Catalonia, Spain. CREAF, the local case study leader, together with consortium partners, met key local stakeholders in order to introduce the project, hear local perspectives on the state of the river basin and discuss potential global change impacts.

The session started with CREAF presenting their findings on the impacts and future global change scenarios, indicating a reduction of water flows available for different users and for environmental functions, temperature increase, changes in climatic conditions and the effects all this may have on key sectors, such as agriculture.

Third Stakeholder Workshop in Rmel

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 Posted in Events, BeWater News, News, Rmel Society, Tunisia

Photo5 biggerStakeholders in Rmel River Basin to Address Challenges

24 June 2014
Rmel, Tunisia

The third BeWater stakeholder meeting will take place in Rmel, Tunisia.  The meeting will bring together Consortium partners and key local stakeholders continuing the stakeholder interaction meetings at local level.



BeWater Promotes a Debate Between Citizens and Scientists on the Future of Water Management in the Tordera River Basin

Wednesday, 04 June 2014 Posted in Events, BeWater News, News

Aquest article en català

Photo Tordera 1The participatory process promoted by the BeWater project in the River Tordera and other Mediterranean basins, aims to involve society in a dialogue on current water uses and to collectively develop water management plans adapted to future climate change scenarios.

Future climate change projections indicate that extreme events, like droughts and floods, may increasingly occur in the Mediterranean region.

Second Stakeholder Workshop in Vipava

Tuesday, 03 June 2014 Posted in Events, BeWater News, Vipava Society, Slovenia

3Stakeholders Address Challenges in Vipava River Basin

10 June 2014
Vipava, Slovenia

The second of the BeWater stakeholder meetings will bring together Consortium partners and key local stakeholders in Vipava for the second in the series of stakeholder interaction meetings at local level.



First Stakeholder Workshop in La Tordera

Tuesday, 27 May 2014 Posted in Events, BeWater News

piscines Montseny 250Global Change Challenges in La Tordera River Basin

28 May 2014
La Tordera, Catalonia, Spain

La informació en català


BeWater Consortium partners will meet key local stakeholders in La Tordera in the first of the stakeholder interaction meetings at local level.

BeWater partners prepare for first stakeholder interaction

Friday, 16 May 2014 Posted in Events, Tordera Society, Spain , BeWater News, News, Pedieos Society, Cyprus, Rmel Society, Tunisia

Članek v slovenščini

Brussels 1 250The first BeWater Steering Committee Meeting was held in Brussels on 24 April, attended by 19 project partners and a representative from the European Commission. Reflections on the first 6 months of the project and presentations on the BeWater Approach, Quality Assurance and Evaluation Methodologies led to useful discussions clarifying roles and responsibilities in the project and identifying important next steps.

Presentations and discussions around project communications highlighted the need for local language translations of news, posts and information for public consumption to facilitate dissemination of information and engagement of project stakeholders.

BeWater Kick-Off Meeting: Productive Participation & Partnership

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 Posted in Events, BeWater News, News

Članek v slovenščini
Aquest article en català


More than 30 participants from around Europe gathered in Barcelona, Spain, for the first meeting of a new European project which will involve the active participation of society in water adaptation to global change.

The stage for collaboration over the coming three and a half years was set at the BeWater project's Kick-off Meeting, held on 13 – 15 January. In line with the approach of the project, participatory techniques were used in the meeting in order to define working methods, agree a common language and identify the challenges involved in implementing this complex project effectively.

Science in Society: Adapting to Climate Change in the Mediterranean Basin

Thursday, 02 January 2014 Posted in BeWater News, News

PPhoto1launchrojections of future climate change point to increasing water scarcity and drought in the Mediterranean region. This will cause serious socioeconomic loss and have significant environmental impact.

In this context, BeWater, a new European project, aims to promote dialogue and collaboration between science and society in sustainable water management in the Mediterranean. Led by the Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF), project partners will organise participatory processes involving scientists and other stakeholders in four pilot river basins throughout the Mediterranean (Catalonia, Cyprus, Slovenia and Tunisia). Each will identify and share the challenges of climate change in their particular region and the various water management options available. Based on this information, all stakeholders will design joint plans for adaptation to climate change in their regions. "These plans will allow an increase in the resilience of social and ecological systems linked to each river basin," said Diana Pascual, CREAF researcher and one of the project coordinators.

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