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Water Management Options


During a series of workshops and consultations, a group of carefully selected stakeholders expressed their views on challenges faced in each of the four BeWater case study river basins. Stakeholders also suggested a range of solutions to tackle these challenges.

The BeWater project team used the suggested solutions (or ‘options’). Each of the options was described in detail and was characterised using a set of descriptors concerning the approach to tackle the challenges, the time needed to implement options, the implementation estimated costs, etc. To ensure that the options suggested by the stakeholders were correctly understood, the refinement and characterisation of all of the options was carried out in close cooperation with experts and stakeholders through interviews, consultations and workshops.

To assess how each option could affect the development of the river basin, the impact of each option was analysed using the fuzzy cognitive maps. This was combined with a multi criteria analysis to decide how well each option performed in connection with the challenges to be tackled in each river basin.