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Stakeholder Selection

stakeholders selection

Stakeholders play a crucial role in the approach adopted by the Bewater project. The project defined a stakeholder as any group or individual who is affected by or can affect the achievement of BeWater's objectives and more specifically the preparation of water adaptation plans in each the four case study river basins.

The stakeholder identification process was carried out in collaboration between Prospex and the Case Study Leaders. Emphasis was put on ensuring sufficient diversity of identified stakeholders, in terms of area of activity (agriculture, infrastructure, water, environment, energy, forest management), organizational affiliation (business and economy; government and public authorities; civil society; practitioners; media; youth and education), gender, etc.

stakeholder selection pie Background of the participants of the 2nd Stakeholder Workshop in each Case Study river basin.


A Stakeholder Database was developed to facilitate the selection of participants for major stakeholder engagement activities, with the selection process being based on Prospex' CQI method establishing selection criteria are balanced with quota in order to achieve a balanced group of participating stakeholders.