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BeWater Society


Making river basins and their human communities more resilient to global change can be considered a transition process involving adaptive management, local knowledge-based management practices, institutional learning and self-organisation. Indeed, people need to be empowered to cope with new situations and transform their lives, adapting to environmental, economic and social consequences. BeWater intends to gather knowledge and identify options for this transition through interaction with different actors in each of the four Case Study River Basins (CSRBs), collectively defining threats and opportunities. The iterative process of information sharing must be structured so that relevant information is identified and incorporated in the development of the management plan for each river basin.

To achieve this, the BeWater framework establishes stakeholder interrelations at key points throughout the project, using various means of participation, including interviews, interactive work meetings and workshops. This participatory design of the project allows for specific interactions  which are adapted to the target audience, the content of the message to be transmitted and the stage of the project.

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