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Recipe for success in River Basin Adaptation Planning

A infographic shares a recipe for participation from science and society in river basin adaptation planning.

Veure el vídeo a YouTube amb subtítols en català!

The BeWater Aproach according to stakeholders in the Tordera and Vipava river basins

Participants of the open consultation on 12 October 2015 in the Vipava river basin and 24 October 2015 in the Tordera river basin tell what they think about the BeWater Approach. Watch the videos and hear what they think.

New video on the BeWater stakeholder event in Rmel

To tackle climate change and other challenges in the Rmel river basin, stakeholders discussed water management options during a BeWater stakeholder event. Fifty stakeholders participated in the event, which took place on 7 October 2015. Watch the video to get an impression of the event. 

Using multiple languages during a workshop

It isn't easy to communicate with target audiences in multiple languages during a workshop. The following video shows extracts from a BeWater workshop in Cyprus. Both Greek and English were used simultaneously as the workshop languages to ensure that participants felt comfortable expressing their ideas and contributing to the outcomes. Martin Watson from SW Visions was part of the facilitation team put together by BeWater project partner, PROSPEX.

The BeWater project promotes dialogue and collaboration between science and society for sustainable water management and adaptation to the impacts of global change in the Mediterranean, using an iterative process of mutual learning, participatory techniques and a bottom-up approach.

Enhancing communications with stakeholders in Zaghouan

Enhancing communications with target audiences in workshop settings is a key priority in BeWater. Martin Watson, from SW Visions and part of the BeWater Project partner PROSPEX facilitation team, discusses the issue in this video, taken at the Rmel River Basin workshop, Tunisia, where participants discussed Water Management Options (WMO).

BeWater uses an iterative process of mutual learning, participatory techniques and a bottom-up approach to ensure that stakeholders play an active role in determining appropriate strategies for management of river basins.

Awareness Campaign and FCM workshop held in Zaghouan

In order to engage wider society, BeWater Awareness Campaigns are being held in the four Case Study River Basins. Zaghouan (Tunisia) host the last awareness campaign and FCM workshop, related to the Rmel River Basin, where the following video was produced.

Video of first BeWater meeting in Sant Celoni

Watch the video of first BeWater Stakeholder meeting in Sant Celoni (in Catalan, subtitled).