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Identifying synergies between water management options to tackle global change in the Rmel river basin

Thursday, 02 June 2016 Posted in News, BeWater News, Rmel Society, Tunisia

Climate change is expected to lead to decreasing precipitation, increasing temperature and occurrences of extreme dry years in the Rmel river basin. These impacts, together with an expected increase in the use of water for irrigation, drinking water, tourism, and industry, represent important challenges for the future management of the river basin. A plan is now being developed by citizens and scientists on how to adapt the management of the Rmel river basin to these changing conditions in the future.


During a workshop on April 7th in Tunis, 31 participants discussed how management options could be implemented in an adaptation plan to address the challenges of climate change and other pressures on the Rmel river basin. The workshop explored how 19 water management measures identified in previous workshops can be combined and whether there are potential synergies and conflicts between them, as well as their implementation in practice. The participants of the workshop identified and discussed potential synergies and conflicts between the different suggested measures.

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