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Developing Participatory Adaptation Plans for River Basins – a handbook is a step-by-step guide to the BeWater approach, facilitating replication and modification by other basins that wish to undertake a scientific participatory process to increase river basin resilience.

The handbook is available in English, Catalan, French, Slovenian and Spanish

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rbap hp module

Adaptation plans 

River Basin Adaptations Plans aiming to foster adaptation to climate change were developed for the four Case Study River Basins, where stakeholders engaged in a collaborative process with experts and policy makers.

Rmel, version française 
Tordera, versió català
Vipava, slovenska različica

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policybrief hp module

Policy briefs 

BeWater delivered recommendations aiming to strengthen policy and institutional frameworks in tackling global change impacts within water management and adaptation planning. 

The BeWater Policy Briefs target decision makers from local to European level, drawing on lessons and experiences across four case study river basins.

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A recipe for success: the BeWater video infographic describes how science and society can participate in river basin adaptation planning.

Subtítols disponibles en català! 

Arabic  |  Français

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The approach developed through the BeWater project to make society an active participant in adapting river basin management to climate change is now available online.

This paper, published in the journal Water, describes the participatory approach used to identify and evaluate river basin management options and details the application and evaluation of the approach in four case-study river basins across the Mediterranean.

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Making society an active participant in water adaptation to climate change highlights the Bewater approach and presents the most important outcomes, promoting the potential for replicability.

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What were the most pressing issues regarding the impacts of global change and the water management for each river basin?

Discover the challenges identified for each river basin


Each river basin identified pathways to address its challenges, with a total of 102 different options identified for consideration in the planning process.

What were the options for water management in the river basins?