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A participatory approach for adapting river basins to climate change

  • Last update: 12 December 2017
  • Author: Verkerk, P.J; Sánchez, A.; Libbrecht, S.; Broekman, A.; Bruggeman, A.; Daly-Hassen, H.; Giannakis, E.; Jebari, S.; Kok, K.; Klemenčič, A.K.; Magjar, M.; Martinez de Arano, I.; Robert, N.; Smolar-Žvanut, N.; Varela, E.; and Zoumides, C.

The approach developed through the BeWater project to make society an active participant in adapting river basin management to climate change is now available online. The paper, published in the journal Water, describes the participatory approach used to identify and evaluate river basin management options and details the application and evaluation of the approach in four case-study river basins across the Mediterranean.

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