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Partner Organisations

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  • Anbessa Environmental Consulting (AEC)

    Anbessa Environmental Consulting (AEC)


    A small research and innovation consultancy firm working in the environmental and development cooperation sector in Europe, Latin America and Africa.

  • Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF)

    Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF)


    Centre for terrestrial ecology, territorial analysis and environmental impact which strives for excellence in knowledge generation, methodological development, transfer, training and dissemination. Promotes conservation and management of the natural environment and territory on local, regional and global scales by acting as a bridge between academia, public administrations and society.

  • Deep Blue Consultants

    Deep Blue Consultants


    Consultancy based in Brussels, Belgium with specialization in the WASH, Environmental Health and Climate thematics in both Development and Humanitarian sectors. With strong expertise in technical and policy processes, Deep Blue Consultants perform evaluations of programmes and projects with a particularly broad scope. This capability is also translated into the Research arena, where Deep Blue and its network of consultants also participate in research activities and facilitate the exchange between Research and Policy. Deep Blue is a strong advocate in the role of Youth as a stakeholder, and promotes and participates in activities which ensure Youth are key partners in operations and dialogue.

  • Ecologic Institute (Ecologic)

    Ecologic Institute (Ecologic)


    A private, not-for-profit think tank for applied environmental research, policy analysis and consultancy. Ecologic is active in a broad range of environmental policy issues, with a focus on European policy processes, but also at national, regional and international levels. As an independent, non-partisan body, it undertakes applied research and analysis to increase awareness and understanding of the political, economic and technological forces driving global change. The institute is experienced in mediating and accompanying dialogue processes between a variety of stakeholders.

  • Europe for Business (EFB)

    Europe for Business (EFB)

    United Kingdom

    EFB is a European Consulting company specialising in the identification of relevant European Union grant opportunities for European organisations. EFB operates throughout the EU and provides a comprehensive Project Analysis Service, which gives information on a range of available funding options and opportunities

  • European Forest Institute, Mediterranean Regional Office (EFIMED)

    European Forest Institute, Mediterranean Regional Office (EFIMED)


    Promotes and coordinates research and networking on Mediterranean forests, forestry and forest products. Supports scientific capacity-building and facilitates science-policy-practice dialogue.

  • Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean

    Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean


    GWP-Med, established in 2002, is the Mediterranean partnership of the Global Water Partnership (GWP). Aiming for a water-secured Mediterranean, GWP-Med promotes action, demo application and knowledge exchange on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and sustainable use of water resources in the region. GWP-Med facilitates a multi-stakeholder platform that brings together 10 major regional networks of different water disciplines (government, river basins, local authorities, professionals, NGOs, research institutes, irrigators, etc) and over 80 other institutions and organisations from non-EU countries and EU countries.

  • Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia (IZVRS)

    Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia (IZVRS)


    A public research and development institution in charge of expert solutions and development of new knowledge, skills and competencies in water management, planning and implementation. Through in-depth and comprehensive research in Slovenia and abroad and by involving diverse types and levels of water planning, the Institute puts forward expert solutions in contemporary management of Slovenian waters, common European water policy and international strategies and conventions.

  • Joint Research Centre – European Commission  (JRC)

    Joint Research Centre – European Commission (JRC)


    A Directorate-General of the European Commission with a mission is to provide EU policies with independent, evidence-based scientific and technical support throughout the whole policy cycle. Key policy areas include: environment and climate change; energy and transport; agriculture and food security; health and consumer protection; information society and digital agenda; safety and security, including nuclear; all supported through a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary approach.

  • National Research Institute of Rural Engineering, Water and Forests (INRGREF)

    National Research Institute of Rural Engineering, Water and Forests (INRGREF)


    Contributes to the development of the national research policy in the areas of Water, Forests and Rural Engineering. Organises and implements all scientific research in relation to the above fields.

  • Prospex BVBA (Prospex)

    Prospex BVBA (Prospex)

    A global leader in the fields of stakeholder engagement, strategic foresight and negotiation and conflict resolution. We help companies and organisations develop shared insights and understanding of their futures in order to achieve excellent results.

  • The Cyprus Institute (CyI)

    The Cyprus Institute (CyI)


    A non-profit science and technology institution, CyI's Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC) aims to explore issues of global significance in the fields of energy, environment and water, with a focus on their specific regional, East-Mediterranean manifestations. Research agenda:  mitigation and adaptation strategies necessitated by climate change; reduced dependence on hydrocarbon energy sources and achieving a low carbon economy through the employment of renewables (solar); enabling sustainable management of water and other natural resources in arid and semi-arid environments.


  • Adriana Bruggeman

    Adriana Bruggeman

    Pedieos, Case Study leader, CyI Coordinator
  • Albert Garduño

    Albert Garduño

    Communications Officer
  • Aleksandra Krivograd Klemencic

    Aleksandra Krivograd Klemencic

    Stakeholder (Vipava), Slovenian Environmental Agency (ARSO)
  • Ana Frelih-Larsen

    Ana Frelih-Larsen

    Scientific expert
  • Anabel Sánchez

    Anabel Sánchez

    Project Coordinator, WP1 leader, WP2 leader
  • Andrea Leone

    Andrea Leone

    Scientific Advisor
  • Annelies Broekman

    Annelies Broekman

    Tordera Case Study leader, Technical Support
  • Bessie Mantzarathe

    Bessie Mantzarathe

    Finance and Administration
  • Cesar Carmona Moreno

    Cesar Carmona Moreno

    WP8 leader, Scientific Advisor
  • Christos Zoumides

    Christos Zoumides

    Member (Pedieos Case Study)
  • Corrado Camera

    Corrado Camera

    Hydrologic modeling & climate change
  • Cristina  Garcia

    Cristina Garcia

    Project administration
  • David Batrož

    David Batrož

    Stakeholder (Vipava), Development Agency ROD
  • Diana Pascual

    Diana Pascual

    Tordera Case Study leader, Coordination Support
  • Eduard Pla

    Eduard Pla

    Scientific advisor
  • Elias Giannakis

    Elias Giannakis

    Member (Pedieos Case Study)
  • Evelyn Lukat

    Evelyn Lukat

    Scientific expert
  • Gabriel Borràs

    Gabriel Borràs

    Stakeholder (Tordera)
  • Georgia Angelopoulo

    Georgia Angelopoulo

    Communications Officer
  • Hamed Daly-Hassen

    Hamed Daly-Hassen

    Scientific advisor, Agricultural National Research Institute of Tunisia (INRAT)
  • Hans Verkerk

    Hans Verkerk

    WP5 leader, scientific expert
  • Hédia Ezzeddine

    Hédia Ezzeddine

    Rmel Case Study, Technical staff
  • Iban Ameztoy

    Iban Ameztoy

  • Inazio Martínez de Arano

    Inazio Martínez de Arano

    Project Manager
  • Ines Saidi

    Ines Saidi

    Rmel Case Study, Technical staff
  • Javier Retana

    Javier Retana

    Scientific coordinator
  • Jenny Tröltzsch

    Jenny Tröltzsch

    Scientific expert
  • Josselin Rouillard

    Josselin Rouillard

    Scientific expert
  • Jože Papež

    Jože Papež

    Stakeholder (Vipava), HIDROTEHNIK Water Management Organization
  • Katerina Charalambous

    Katerina Charalambous

    Water management & policies
  • Leonardo Piccinetti

    Leonardo Piccinetti

    WP7 leader, Senior Consultant
  • Manca Magjar

    Manca Magjar

    Vipava Case Study leader, Technical Assistant
  • Manfred Lange

    Manfred Lange

    Scientific advisor
  • McKenna Davis

    McKenna Davis

    WP4 leader, Ecologic Coordinator
  • Murray Biedler

    Murray Biedler

    WP6 leader, Policy Advisor
  • Nataša Smolar-Žvanut

    Nataša Smolar-Žvanut

    Stakeholder (Vipava), Slovenian Water Agency (DRSV)
  • Nicola Tucci

    Nicola Tucci

    Project Manager
  • Nicolas Robert

    Nicolas Robert

    Scientific expert
  • Peter Suhadolnik

    Peter Suhadolnik

    Vipava Case Study, Technical Support
  • Rodrigo Vidaurre

    Rodrigo Vidaurre

    Scientific expert
  • Roser Maneja

    Roser Maneja

    Stakeholder (Tordera), Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals (ICTA)
  • Sarah Adams

    Sarah Adams

    WP5 leader
  • Sarra Touzi

    Sarra Touzi

  • Sašo Šantl

    Sašo Šantl

    Vipava Case Study, Senior Water Expert
  • Sihem Jebari

    Sihem Jebari

    Rmel Case Study leader, Scientific Coordinator
  • Stephanos Siligaris

    Stephanos Siligaris

    Stakeholder (Pedieos)
  • Steven Libbrecht

    Steven Libbrecht

    WP3 leader, Project Advisor
  • Ulf Stein

    Ulf Stein

    Scientific expert
  • Valérie Boiten

    Valérie Boiten

    Project Advisor
  • Vangelis Constantianos

    Vangelis Constantianos