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BeWater Network

The BeWater project consortium is well linked within the international water resources research community and actively networks with the relevant recent and ongoing EU projects on social participation in water management and global change adaptation.

Find below BeWater links to other national and international research and European water related initiatives:

Discussion Platforms 

AquaKnow   A virtual space for collaboration and information of the water sector 
EIP water   Platform for information exchange, matchmaking and teaming-up of public and private sector experts, organisations and resources.
ETC/ICM   The European Topic Centre on Inland, Coastal and Marine waters, an international consortium brought together to support the European Environment Agency (EEA)
WssTP   The European Technology Platform for Water


Previous / Ongoing Projects

RISES-AM-   A novel approach towards assessment of coastal impacts by taking into account the distinctiveness of coastal vulnerability and explicitly including adaptation.
WaterInnEu   Being a marketplace to enhance the exploitation of EU funded ICT models, tools, protocols and policy briefs related to water, and to establish suitable conditions for new market opportunities.
FP4BATIW   Coordinating and supporting action to promote interaction between highly qualified members of the knowledge value chain on water treatment and corresponding stake holders community.
Menfri   Providing a discussion and action platform in forestry encouraging scientific and technological collaboration within the Mediterranean.
EJOLT   Bringing together science and society to catalogue and analyze ecological distribution conflicts and confront environmental injustice.
TRivers   Studying the hydrology and ecology of temporary rivers and contributing to the conservation and restoration of river typologies in the Mediterranean Basin.
MEDACC   Testing innovative solutions in order to adapt agro-forest and urban systems to climate change in the Mediterranean basin.
BASE   Action for sustainable climate change adaptation in Europe in order to improve the knowledge base on adaptation.
ASSET   Pilot project on the development of prevention activities to halt desertification in Europe.
SATORI   A platform for the consolidation and advancement of ethical assessment in research and innovation.
MED-SPRING   Adapting the Euro-Mediterranean research and innovation policies and cooperation to the changing Mediterranean society through a dialogue and coordination platform.
ALARM   Methods and protocols for the assessment of large-scale environmental risks in order to minimize negative direct and indirect human impacts based on a better understanding of terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
CLICO   Understanding the links between climate, water, violence, conflict and human security.
CLIM-RUN   New methodologies and improved modeling and downscaling tools for the provision of adequate climate information at regional to local scale.
CLIMSAVE   Developing an interactive, web-based tool to allow stakeholders to assess climate change impacts and vulnerabilities for a range of sectors.
ClimWatAdapt   Climate Adaptation – modelling water scenarios and sectoral impacts
COMBINE   Linking research groups to advance Earth system models (ESMs) for more accurate climate projections.
REFRESH   Enabling measures needed to restore freshwater ecosystems to good ecological status and for adaption to future climate change.