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BeWater publicity campaign targets Tordera

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 Posted in Tordera Society, Spain , News, BeWater News

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Results from the BeWater project were brought to the wider public in Tordera river basin, through a publicity campaign which took place between September 2016 and March 2017.

The mobile exhibition of banners, which have been used throroughout the project to raise awareness, was completed with a final banner portraying the full set of water management options obtained during the process to develop the Tordera River Basin Adaptation Plan. The complete collection of banners was exhibited from 19 January to 19 February 2017, at the Blanes Municipal Library, mostly targeting the local community and students of different grades.


Publicity Campaign event in Blanes, photo: CREAF

Additionally, various events were organised to present project results. A technical seminar, organised by the Barcelona County Council at the Castell of Montesquiu, “Local adaptation to climate change. How can nature help us?” took place on 6 October. The majority of the participants were representatives of local administrations, young professionals and entities engaged in the development of adaptation actions in the basin.

The project and its outcomes were also presented to the board of municipalities located into the Montseny natural Park and Biospehere Reserve area. The board acknowledged that this information may provide them with a good reference for adaptation actions, as the results are completely in line with the objectives of the conservation strategy of the natural park area.

A meeting took place at the Ethnologic museum of Arbúcies, where the BeWater project and results were communicated to local society especially interested in the cultural heritage of the basin and the etnography of how local societies have adapted to its ever changing environment.

The event “Tordera waters: from research to management” was organized by CREAF in collaboration with the environmental education organisation Aula de Blanes at the town’s municipal library on 17 January. Around 50 participants, representing local administration, local citizen organisations, school teachers and the general public, attended the event. The BeWater team presented the project approach and its results, while the Catalan Water Agency described the relevance of the results and options for Catalan water management planning. Media covereage of the event included various online articles and a video recording of the event is available.

Finally, a successful policy forum took place in Sant Celoni, on 24 January 2017, marking the end of project activities organised at local level. The project’s legacy in Tordera includes the Adaptation Plan and the water management options contained within it, as some options may be taken up in future water management planning. No less importantly is the impact the project has had in the region, raising awareness to stakeholders and the general public about the issues of managing the river basin in the light of global change.

The publicity campaign marks the end of the BeWater project in Tordera river basin. The project is completed on 31 March 2017 after 42 months.

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