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BeWater project presented at EcoHydrology' 2015

Wednesday, 12 August 2015 Posted in Events, Vipava Society, Slovenia , BeWater News

EcohydrologyEcoHydrology' 2015. Measuring, Modeling and Managing of the natural processes related to water flows, Social values of the linked ecosystem services


21 to 23 September 2015

Lyon, France

Krivograd Klemenčič AleksandraMagjar Manca, and Smolar Žvanut Nataša, from the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia, will present the BeWater project, including its method and main results.

Read the abstract: The BeWater project promotes dialogue between the science and society on the future water management in four mediterranean case studies

Also, a book of abstracts has been published. Find the BeWater project contribution on pages 137 and 138 of the book.