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Raising Awareness in Tordera

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 Posted in Tordera Society, Spain

Tordera  AC dec2014 250In Tordera, citizens and BeWater Project partners met on December 12th in Hostalric. This workshop, using an innovative methodology, aimed at guaranteeing that local actors have an active role in the definition of suitable strategies for river basin management.

Participants worked together to develop a map of the main water management challenges faced in the Tordera River Basin, due to the impacts of global change. These include lack of environmental flows, groundwater overexploitation and salt intrusion, recovery of good forest management and funding for correct water management. Participants analysed the interrelation between different challenges, generating an integrated view of the most important issues to tackle and remarking on the importance of accessing all relevant information: who uses the water, how and why.

The Tordera CSRB planned a Mobile Exhibition at various municipalities around the river basin. Between December 2014 and March 2015, the exhibition visited the municipalities of Hostalric and Mataró, with activities open to the broad local society. In parallel, an Awareness raising Campaign at secondary schools was organized, with preparatory contacts made to educational projects, pedagogical resource centers and teachers’ associations during February – March 2015.


Between 16 May and 12 June, the mobile exhibition moved to Can Casades, an information centre in Montseny Natural Park (UNESCO biosphere reserve), where it was visited by approximately 200 people. Following that, between 17 June and 15 July, it moved to “La Quadra”, a cultural space at the Santa Maria de Palautordera Municipality, where it was visited by approximately 50 people, and also presented as the introduction to an event on 8 July on "BeWater Challenges: water quality in the River Tordera". The 2nd BeWater stakeholder workshop was also hosted in the same place on the first day of the exhibition, 17 June. Furthermore, between 15 July and 23 September, the exhibition was hosted in Funcació Emys, an environmental education site in Sils wetlands, visited by approximately 200 people, while finally, between 23 September and 12 October, it moved to Sant Celoni Municipal Centre “Can Ramis”, where it was also introduced to local audiences by a presentation on 3 October.

Tordera roll-up banner exhibition

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