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BeWater project presented at the University Pablo de Olavide ADINA research team in Sevilla

Monday, 08 May 2017 Posted in Tordera Society, Spain , News, BeWater News

ADINAA special session organised in the framework of the ADINA seminars , held at the Pablo Olavide University in Sevilla on Tuesday April 25th 2017, allowed the CREAF team to present the BeWater project.

This research group coordinated by Pilar Paneque Salgado, researcher at the department of human geography, is composed of doctoral and postdoctoral students, professionals and researchers from a variety of disciplines and sharing interested in innovative contributions in the field of adaptation to climate change at river basin scale.

The agenda allowed a thorough presentation of the overall project layout and approach, as well as focussing on case study findings and lessons learned. Participants posed very interesting questions, inspiring a stimulating debate on key aspects of the project’s methods and implementation.

In particular, the debate focused on the challenges related to stakeholder engagement and allowed to share experience based knowledge with researchers that developed similar processes. How to mainstream adaptation principles into water management is a shared challenge too, and further research was proposed to improve the methods and tools available for innovative governance needed for the vulnerability reduction of territories to the impacts of climate change.