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Raising Awareness in Pedieos

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 Posted in Pedieos Society, Cyprus

AC pedieos 350In Pedieos, the Cyprus Institute participated in the "Through the Researcher's Eyes" event in Nicosia, on the 28th of November.

The team used the opportunity to disseminate the objectives of the BeWater project, stressing the importance of public participation, bringing the public and researchers together and explaining science in a comprehensive manner.

The event attracted much interest from the general public, including a large number of students. An adjustable scale model of a Cypriot hill-slope, accompanied by audio-visual material, demonstrated the effect of different land management practices on water flows and erosion, providing visitors with the opportunity to experience how human decisions can reduce flooding and soil loss. Moreover, there was a presentation of the hydrogeological model developed by the Cyprus Institute to demonstrate effects on erosion and water flows.

Further than that, during March 2015 the Pedieos CSRB organised a BEWATER stand at the event "Water: drops of life", aimed for primary and high school students, on Saturday, 21 March 2015, on the occasion of the World Water Day, as part of the water campaign organized by the Water Development Department of Cyprus. There was an exhibition with the project’s roll-up banners, further dissemination material and the iconic water-and-land-in-motion model.

BeWater banners have been displayed to students, citizens and government officials who have attended colloquiums and research events in the CyI premises during the period April-September 2015. Young researchers were introduced to the objectives of the BeWater project, followed by interactive discussions on challenges and water management options in Pedieos River Basin.

The Pedieos CSRB organised an outdoor public event along the bike/walking path on 23 October 2015 to engage park users and disseminate BeWater activities and messages with posters and brochures. Furthermore, park visitors shared their opinions on 10 selected water management options targeting the downstream areas of the river basin. On average, all selected options were characterized by the visitors as "important" and "very important" for the sustainable management of the river basin. The "restoration and maintenance of riverbed" option received the highest preference value, while the "construction of flood protection works" was the least popular option.



Event report and photos

Pedieos roll-up banner exhibition

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