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Water & Energy Around the Mediterranean

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 Posted in News, BeWater News

RevolveArticle tb 300The BeWater project was featured in a special edition of Revolve magazine "Water & Energy Around the Mediterranean". The article, "Adapting to Climate Change in River Basins" was written based on research carried out in BeWater's Policy Watch work package.

Written by BeWater Consortium Partner Murray Biedler, the article discusses climate change across different policy sectors, with specific focus on the water and energy sectors. Public participation in the policy-making process is explored as is the need for governments to address demand-side measures when considering climate change targets.


BeWater's four Case Study River Basins are also featured, as well as receiving more extensive coverage in the digital platform REVOLVE-WATER.

 pedieosRevolve tb 150

              VipavaRevolve tb 150            RmelRevolve tb 150 REVOLVE torderaTB 150
 Pedieos River Basin  Vipava River Basin  Rmel River Basin Tordera River Basin

REVOLVE is a multi-media platform bringing together digital and print features with video and photo exhibits. Printed quarterly in Brussels, Revolve distributes at over 400 national outlets as well as at top energy, water and art expos around the world.