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BeWater results reach Rmel river basin

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 Posted in News, BeWater News, Rmel Society, Tunisia

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Results from the BeWater project in Rmel river basin, were shared with a range of stakeholders and the wider public,  through a publicity campaign which took place between September 2016 and March 2017.

The Rmel mobile exhibition was held in the ecological museum in Zaghouan during the month of September 2016. This exhibtion targeted the wider public, aiming to increase their awareness on water sector issues in Tunisia and show the added value of the BeWater project.

BeWater card game at Zaghouan Youth Centre, photo: INRGREF


Three planning meetings with policy makers and key stakeholders were held on 17 November, and 13 and 27 December, at the Higher institute of Agriculture of Mograne in Zaghouan. These were held in collaboration with the Regional Commissariate for Agricultural Development of Zaghouan and the Directorate-General for the Development and Conservation of Agricultural Land, DGACTA. The main theme of the first meeting was ‘Quantity & Quality of Water’, the second was organised on the theme ‘Forests & Human Resources and Employment’ and the final event, ‘Agriculture & awareness of civil society’, detailed the six main challenges identified in the Rmel catchment. The planning of water management options with the participation of all stakeholders made it possible to identify the activities to be applied by option and strategic direction, as well as the corresponding costs in the short and medium term. In addition, a geographical location for each activity was defined in order to identify priority intervention areas.

On 9 December, the INRGREF team presented the ‘BeWater card game’ to children at the youth center in Zaghouan. This event was animated through the card game and the mobile exhibition banners to increase children's awareness of the risks of climate change.
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On 15 February, 2017, a meeting was held at INRGREF with different representatives of national and international research institutions and within the framework of an intra-institutional collaboration. During this day the BeWater project, as well as its outputs, were presented to the different participants.

Finally, for World Water Day on 18 March, an open day was organised with local NGOs in Zaghouan, with the aim of raising broad public awareness about climate change effects and to share the added value and outputs of the BeWater project. Interactive games were available for children.

The publicity campaign marks the end of the BeWater project in Rmel river basin. The project is completed on 31 March 2017 after 42 months.

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