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Raising Awareness in Rmel

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 Posted in Rmel Society, Tunisia

Rmel banner2 1000In Rmel the Awareness Campaign was launched on the 16th of December at Zaghouan. 60 participants were introduced to the project through posters, presentations and discussion.

Dissemination materials produced focused both on the general public as well as young participants from primary and secondary schools. In parallel, several meetings were held with the local-regional public administration to discuss the output of the first stakeholder engagement workshop of June 2014.

Following the large launch event in Zaghuan, the mobile roll-up banner exhibition moved around to several cultural, youth and environmental centers in the area, as well as to the Zaghuan Regional Office for Agricultural Development, with a two-week duration at each venue. Moreover, the Jradou Elementary School and the Mogran Higher Institute of Agriculture are to be soon visited.

Rmel roll-up banner exhibition

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